Artist Statement

Zhiliang Jin’s current work explores the recurring motif of information from painting to video installation, to make a different way to perceive the essence of the surrounding object and to experience with them. To perceive things is his central concept in studio practice. Things could have many different thresholds in meaning when extraordinarily observing them. Nature and human organ are the element he has selected, as well as space. Those are grounds for further creative. He uses the photograph (cropped photo and online photo) as fundament to make drawing and paint them as with refining the information from the chaotic world. To change the composition, texture, colour, and perspective upon his visual work is his principal method to create an uncanny way of seeing objects. Old television monitor plays a vital role in his practice, like his idea that tv as a carrier of information which represents rich information through the screen. His work considers the motif of the essence of information around the world, the threshold between inside and outside of information in the aspect of perception, space in between and the way of perceiving the object. He is intrigued at how we can contact with the information around us and discover the meaning of the essence of those, and how the data spread in the world as well as the distance between inside and outside. His work aims to recur object as an extraordinary presence and to provoke the viewer to perceive them and open their threshold upon them and attempt to understand the essence and content of human perception more fundamentally.


© 2021 Zhiliang JIn